Tours and Activities of the San Juan Skyway

As many people who have visited the San Juan Skyway already know, there are an abundance of fun and exciting tours and activities to participate in, whether it be summer, fall, winter or spring. Yes, in large part these activities will be different depending upon the season, which is a good reason for you to consider coming back at different times of the year. There is no question that snowmobiling and ice climbing are quite different from mountain biking and river rafting. Mother nature has seen to it that there are a variety of interesting and exciting activities to participate in throughout the whole year.

We’ve tried to assist you in understanding all your activity choices along the Skyway by narrowing down the specific activities that occur in each specific region. These regions are broken down in their proximity to the five major towns located along the Skyway: Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton, Durango and Telluride. When you click on any of those towns highlighted on the map below you will be able to see all of the activities and tours that can be found in that region, regardless of the time of year. In most cases the activities will be located very close to the specific town, but in some instances a good deal of the most exciting and interesting activities may be located a drive of as many as two hours away. In fact some of these activities may actually be located in areas not considered to be on the ‘Skyway proper’ but are ones you should consider because they are in fairly close proximity to the towns on the Skyway you will be staying in. Our mission is to make sure you have access to all the fun!

Click on one of the highlighted towns on the map below to discover all the tours and activities that can be found there!

Our activities and tours page is currently under construction and will be available in it’s entirety on April 1st. 2021.