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Easily Discover Your Next Adventures on the San Juan Skyway

Has taking a balloon ride in the Rockies been on your ‘bucket list’. If not, it probably should be. The many people who have taken these rides go out of their way to say how beautiful the experience was.

You can’t beat your fishing options in Colorado.  This is the Mecca for trout and other freshwater fishing.  Learn to Fly Fish.  Hook up with a guide who knows the area and spend a day fishing with the best.

There is perhaps no better way to view the San Juan Skyway than from the vantage point of a helicopter. Certain areas of the skyway are so remote that you could not get in to see them on your own. This is an activity that is worth the splurge.

The San Juan Skyway is loaded with hiking opportunities. Spend some time in nature and enjoy the crisp air. We have hiking tours to accommodate all levels of experience.

For people who love horses, this is a hard activity to stay away from. Many horseback rides are available all year long at a variety of different and very beautiful locations.

We bet you never thought you could be doing this.  Ice Climbing is not something you will find everywhere, but it is available for you here on the San Juan Skyway.

Very few people have ever actually visited a gold or silver mine but most people do have a curiosity about them. If there was ever any place to satiate your curiosity regarding the subject it would be on the San Juan Skyway. In the late 1800’s the golden era of mining was in this region.

Colorado was simply made for the off-road mountain bike experience. Lots of trails and lots of group tours. We have off-road and snow biking tours as well.

Take an off-road jeep tour into remote areas you could only imagine. Go with a guide or drive your own vehicle. ATV’s are available as well.

Take Advantage of Colorado’s many mountain rivers and enjoy a day, or a half day of exciting river rafting. Fantastic trips are available for beginners or more experienced rafters.

This certainly seems like the quintessential Rocky Mountain sport. Rock climbing opportunities are everywhere and the special Via Ferrata climbing treks put this overly exciting experience into the realm of almost everyone’s capabilities. You need to check this out!

The concept of SIGHTSEEING in what is likely the most scenic region in all of Colorado is somewhat of a ‘no brainer’. Sightseeing is actually a part of just about any tour or activity you might plan to take. Some tours however are dedicated to taking you specifically to areas of great beauty and interest.

Challenge the Out-back with an exciting Snowmobile experience. Sure, skiing is fun, but ‘this’ is something else entirely. Choose from a variety of options.

So much of the San Juan Skyway area has two fundamental and equal appeals: its remarkable history combined with its incredible beauty. No one entity epitomizes these characteristics more so than the D&SNGRR.

Every Zipline course is unique, much like a golf course. The zipline courses found on the San Juan Skyway fit the word ‘unique’ to a tee. Fast, fun, free-flying and full of adventure, these exciting tours will take your breath away.