The Mahogany Grille

The Mahogany Grille in the Strater Hotel is a big plus for the town of Durango. The ownership, management, chefs and staff have been able to provide the two features that every restaurant would hope to achieve: a fantastic environment along with great food. It’s hard to go wrong with wonderful ambiance in tandem with locally sourced foods and delicious preparations.

The Victorian presentation of the restaurant itself is a delight. Historical references and artifacts abound and it is difficult not to imagine yourself in an establishment such as this in a former time. The early days of the West are easily imagined and the decor sets the stage for an excellent mealtime experience.

Both lunch and dinner are served here and the emphasis of the menu is on steak and seafood but also offers a complement of vegetarian and vegan options. Fresh from the farm food sourcing is the ‘order of the day’ and the meats are hand cut and prepared in the restaurant’s own butcher shop. Dinners at the ‘Grille’ can also be paired with an excellent selection of fine wines and the folks behind the beautiful bar itself will be able to create the delicious cocktails that will just suit the occasion.