Package (6 #5)

If your vacation time is limited you can still enjoy the entire ‘Skyway’ experience on a 6 day package. You will still be staying at the same ‘classic inns’ but with the exception of a 2 night stay at the Strater Hotel you will only be staying for 1 night at all the others. On all of the self-drive packages you will be visiting the San Juan Skyway in your own vehicle and you will be able to choose the order of the towns and Inns you would like to visit. This particular package will include ‘Standard Rooms’ at the Chipeta Resort in Ridgway, the Beaumont Hotel in Ouray, the Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton, the Strater Hotel in Durango and the Peaks Resort in Telluride. You will also receive a $50 restaurant coupon you may use at all the hotels or inns on your itinerary with the exception of the Beaumont Hotel which does not have a restaurant on premises.

*Depending upon the dates you choose, the specific itinerary as well as the price of an individual package
may vary due to seasonal, inter-week or holiday adjustments.

  • ✔ One Night at the Chipeta Solar Springs Resort and Spa in Ridgway.
  • ✔ $50 Restaurant Certificate at the Chipeta Solar Springs Resort and Spa.
  • ✔ One Night at the Beaumont Hotel in Ouray.
  • ✔ One Night at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton
  • ✔ $50 Restaurant Certificate at the Grand Imperial Hotel
  • ✔ Two Nights at the Strater Hotel in Durango.
  • ✔ $50 Restaurant Certificate at the Strater Hotel.
  • ✔ One Night at the Peaks Resort and Spa in Telluride
  • ✔ $50 Restaurant Certificate at the Peaks Resort.

Cost Inclusive of Standard Rooms: FROM $1800 for 2 persons based upon availability and seasonal rate changes.