This is the ‘Inns page’ of the ‘Inns of the San Juan Skyway’


The following Inns are among the most inspirational to be found along the San Juan Skyway.  These Inns have been hand picked for one reason: they will provide you with some of the most inspiring, uplifting and heartening accommodation experiences to be found in the area.

The San Juan Skyway consists of a loop drive that extends 236 miles through the heart of the highest, most dramatic, most rugged and most picturesque area to be found in all of Colorado.  Though only encompassing a portion of the southwest corner of the state, this is the ‘sweet spot’.  Whether you are visiting in the summer to enjoy the boating, hiking, climbing, biking, fishing or rafting experiences, in the fall to see the dramatic change of season landscapes, in the winter for the amazing winter sports activities like skiing, cross-country, ice climbing, ice fishing, snowboarding or snowmobiling or whether you are coming in the spring (or early summer) to take in the dramatic and picturesque wildflower experience, the hotels and Inns of the San Juan Skyway are a very good place to be.

Although there are a number of small towns along the Skyway, there are actually five (5) that stand out the most:  Ouray, Silverton, Durango, Telluride and Ridgway. The most classic and often iconic hotels or Inns in each of these regions can be found here.  Whether their charm comes from the fact that they are historical classics renovated and remodeled to show the splendor of their original 1880’s designs, whether they are the most ultra-modern and magnificent current day creations or whether they capture the southwest architecture of the region to a tee, you will find these inns, hotels and resorts to be an inspiration. 

Our series of curated PACKAGES provide a pathway through the ‘Skyway’ that will take you on a fascinating journey of inns and experiences, or we can arrange individual accommodations for you if you prefer.

And here’s some good news. We will provide you with additional benefits from your hotel choices. You will receive additional values along with your booking.

So here they are….. Choose the package that suits you most or choose the regions and the Inns you want to stay in and we will organize your ‘Skyway’ experience.

Check out the hotels below, and get ready to begin your unforgettable experience on the ‘San Juan Skyway’.

The Town of Ridgway

Chipeta Solar Springs Resort

The Town of Telluride

The Peaks Resort and Spa

The Town of Ouray

The Beaumont Hotel

The Town of Silverton

The Grand Imperial Hotel

The Town of Durango

The Strater Hotel