The Spa at the ‘Peaks Resort and Spa’ in Telluride is your Rocky Mountain Respite

Peaks Resort and Spa
Visitors standing in the midst of Telluride and looking upwards during any of its splendid alpine seasons will see sights so magnificent and inspiring that anyone’s diminished sense of wonderment soon will be restored. Massive mountains loom above, their lofty white peaks planted in brilliant azure skies. This awe-inspiring scene seems to be the perfect choice as the setting for a resort that was never imagined as hair-raising trails were dynamited and dug out of Western Colorado’s nineteenth century pathways to gold fortunes.

Before mineral-hungry hordes arrived, for centuries Native Americans had thrived on nature’s rich bounty. When Charles Baker’s party snaked over Ophir Pass, neither these Utes nor the bands of prospectors could imagine the waves of humanity that eventually would arrive in the San Juan Mountains, at first seeking mineral riches and then the visual treasures and outdoor adventures created by geological phenomena that made the Rockies seem like another beautiful planet.

Peaks Workout Room

In 1877, while news of the San Juan gold mines (in what became Telluride) was spreading, the area had its first “Tourist Guide.” The Williams Tourist Guide described “a scene of beauty the imagination cannot depict.” Railroads, notably the Denver & Rio Grande Railway (D&RNGRR), started advertising passage to the district. The area’s climate was promoted as “one of the finest in the world…providing vivacity, energy, and robust health.” Idyllic descriptions and images of the scenery attracted thousands of visitors to the San Juan mountains.

After a fascinating quest, in 1887 the name of the town tucked into the head of a stunning box canyon officially became Telluride. Of course no one could possibly imagine that Telluride, that in the mid-1880s had a large wooden hotel on Colorado Avenue, some day would have the largest resort and spa in Colorado. But the five-star Peaks Resort and Spa, originally opened in 1992, had evolved along with Telluride from mining-days glory to become celebrated places that would attract visitors from around the world.

For decades everything built in the incredible geosphere of Telluride has been designed and built with health and wellness in mind. Even the Gondola (the “G”) between Telluride and the Mountain Village was originally built to improve air quality in the region by keeping cars off the 8-mile road between the two destinations. The Gondola, opened in 1996 as free public transportation, annually shuttles guests at the Peaks Resort and Spa and millions of skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, hikers, festival-goers and others up and over 10,500-foot Coonskin Ridge. The ride on the “G” to Mountain Village and the Peaks Resort and Spa has few comparisons anywhere for the gorgeous vistas of the San Juan Mountains. On a clear day the ride opens views all the way to the La Sal Range in Utah.

Peaks Resort and Spa Lap Pool

Surrounded by the majestic peaks of the San Juan Mountain Range, The Peaks Resort offers a great variety of ultra-comfortable rooms and suites. All of these inviting accommodations come with stunning views of surrounding mountains from an elevation of 9,500 ft. Every detail of the largest spa in Colorado has been designed to cater to health-conscious clients that have the highest aesthetic standards for their indoor and outdoor surroundings. All furniture, flooring, wall surfaces and fixtures of the Peaks and its Spa use materials and have colors, textures and surfaces that enhance the Resort’s serenity and eco-friendly design.

The Peaks Resort offers convenient ski-in/ski-out and golf-in/golf-out access to the Telluride Ski & Golf Resort. In the winter skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can find 2,000+ acres of powder-packed terrain. In the summer, scenic 18-holes of golfing are just steps out the door. Spa, fitness and wellness facilities and instruction in private and group classes are second to none anywhere in the U.S. The Spa’s state-of-the-art multi-level fitness facility offers Matrix strength and cardio equipment, Peloton bikes, group fitness classes, yoga studios and a Classical Pilates studio, as well as a heated indoor/outdoor pool, waterslide and three-lane lap pool, steam rooms, saunas, Roman tubs and hot tubs. In addition to luxurious treatments, the holistic Spa experience offers nutrition, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and personal training sessions.

In all seasons the Peaks Resort and Spa offers complete rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit in an incomparable setting. Many of the people who use the Spa are locals from Telluride. Like other guests and clients, they lead active lifestyles and are looking for spa services that perfectly fit their needs, including after a day of skiing, riding, hiking or mountain biking. From past experience at the Spa they know that their needs will be well cared for in the Spa’s 29 treatment rooms and other facilities staffed by extremely experienced and competent massage therapists, estheticians, trainers and other specialists.